Genius hour 2

Losing a father figure is really hard because we might have to just get really emotional and cry all the time because of all the pain were in and I hate the fact that kids have to cry at school and at home all the time sometimes I wish that wasn’t cruel people in the world then the world would be calm and nice and sweet and parents don’t leave there kids because God never gives up on his children  and that’s all of us. We the people deserve to be happy not coming home and mom saying that “Daddy’s not coming home” for all kids who’s like that play a sport to give out all your emotion work hard in school and be a better father than your dad… Because you never want to see your mom cry or your sister cry, Be blessed and live life to the fullest.  I was really nervous to present because like what if I started crying because I was so scared to talk about me getting all depressed not having a dad around… It may kill me but it keeps me stronger each day to be a amazing person in and out of school.dadpoem

Genius hour

My genius hour is about losing a father it’s the worst pain for every kid at a young age they always ask mom when’s dad coming home sometimes I look up to my mom as my motivation she always pushes me in classroom she wants me to be great, we fight all the time but that’s only because she cares…  Kids who lose their dad get depressed and they have trauma they don’t know how to react to having someone there for them they cry and get depressed. They get angry with there mom because they think it’s all there fault because of all the pain you have.. Usually I take my anger out on the court if someone makes me mad I just talk crap to them because they can’t guard me then I yell to get my team pumped up because I play on everything how my dad is missing out on my life. I love it how I embrace my energy sometimes I yell “lets go” just to get everyone pumped up because this is my game that i’m playing and no one can stop me.. I have to think postive everyday to be the best teamm

Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green (23) lets out a roar while playing the Phoenix Suns in the second quarter of their basketball game at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green (23) lets out a roar while playing the Phoenix Suns in the second quarter of their basketball game at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

ate ever.

College visit 😂

The college I went to was DMACC it was pretty cool to be honest. It had a lot of engerning stuff and robots and it was pretty fun just experimenting many different thing was pretty amazing. We had two college students as our tour guide and they were both really cute they talked and explained everything about there campus, we didn’t get to see the rec center because it’s under construction which that’s only thing I like because of sports and stuff that was the only thing I didnt like… But the college had a fun feel environment like they hanged out in the computer lab and at the restraunt.

Would I ever go to DMACC um maybe I would kinda like it there because of the environment and the people I really wished we could of gone to the sports because I think that would be amazing because I love sports and I love Des Moines Iowa and if I could do anything it would to play sports I know I should have a back up plan and that’s to do me a strength and conditioning coach

Love and basketball

I kinda want a relationship that you can be happy and play basketball, go to the moives and just go have fun with the person you care about. It would be pretty cool to have a basketball player as your girlfriend so you too could go work out and go shoot hoops wouldnt that be amazing. Have you ever watched the movie ¨Love and Basketball¨ well itś about these two high school sweet hearts who love the game of basketball and but when they were little kids Quincy got mad because Monica killed him in a street ball game, but hey it happens sometimes he he forgived her and they became best friends well they started dating but when highschool came quincy became in love with many different girls but in his heart they werent moncia, But anway he became a stud on a court and so was monica when it came to commiting they both decided to go to the unversity of USC.  Love and basketball is probably the best relationship that you could ever have because your foucused on basketball and school so that´s doesn´t mean that we pick up with all the drama that¨s going on in school and out of school so yeah.

Nature and animals

Nature and animals is a big thing now but there all going extinct especially plants and animals like one day there all going to be extinct and we can’t go outside and enjoy the trees and the animals cause there all going to be gone so enjoy life as u have everything right now pretty soon it’s all going to be all gone. I love the animals in nature to the polar bears to the Tigers there’s a lot of them and I can’t see the world being the way it is without them I’m pretty sure none of these animal on this earth hurts the environment okay maybe the elephants how the walk around roaming the forest making trees fall and hurting the monkeys or like when lions go after the deers and we’re losing more animals especially with hunting and many different stuff. So don’t take nature for granted cause one day there’s isn’t going be trees or many animals left there going to be like the dinosaurs and there all going to be extinct. Just think about all the trees we have and just think about one day there all not going to be there we use trees so much we use them for pencil and paper but one day it’s not going to be here anymore so what are we going to do are we just going to set there in panic but people need to realize the reason why everything is going like this is because people don’t know who to take care of the environment thats the reason why the earth is changing so we need to figure it out pretty soon.

Chicken noodle soup

When I talk about chicken noodle soup I get hungry my grandma makes the best chicken noodles in town that’s basically our family tradition in food it’s absolutely amazing when u eat it all u feel is love in your taste buds, I don’t know what’s so special about it but it’s amazing. My grandma usually calls us when there having chicken noodle soup and we go over there and smash on it and talk about how’s life going and how’s school and everything else so it’s basically chicken broth, noodles, and many different things it’s so good.

Even when your having a bad day and you take a bite of it you feel like your in heaven and you wish u could eat 20 bowls of it, I probably could if I really wanted to but it’s really good and I have the best grandma ever to make it and it’s basically a Summers thing and you could eat it all day until it makes you sick but maybe one day I’ll let u guys try it.

Family member who passed away and role models

On thanksgiving about 3 years ago my mom got a call and saying that my uncle Chris died I just went to my room and I started balling my eyes out and didn’t want to talk I just wanted to sit and think of all the amazing times we had and telling how good I’m at sports and how to be a man and keep your grades up and be safe and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be great and he just told me to never give up on yourself and presuaed your dream.

Harrison Barnes has been my role model ever since I seen him play against Fort dodge and he was dunking all over us we was ranked 1 in the country in 2010 in Ames and in the state title game Harrison had 24 points and 8 rebounds against South East Polk and got back to back state titles then for college he went to north carolina and two years and he went pro and got drafted by Golden State Warriors and now he’s a world champion.


Raise your voice

I could see why people can’t raise there voice when there getting abused or bullying and what really hurts me the most is seeing someone get bullied and you don’t do anything about it like I remember when this kid was getting jumped and I was on my way to class and it was a 2 on 1 fight and this kid was getting beat up really bad and I was just standing there and the reason why I didn’t want to help is because  didn’t want to get kick off the basketball team. That day hit me really bad because I didn’t stand up and raised my voice and I felt really bad that day because know one should be treated like that I asked God what should’ve done I knew he told me that I really should of stand up and helped or even told a teacher put a lot of times in life were all going to make mistakes know one’s perfect we just got to learn from them.  I went up to that kid one day and I told him i’m sorry that I didn’t help or get someone and I felt really mad at myself that i didn’t help he told me that its okay but I knew in my head that it really wasn’t alright the didn’t deserve getting jumped they just wanted to act like they were better than everyone else that’s why they did it. That’s why people get abused because they think it’s okay to hurt people but it’s really not how would you feel if that it was you they think there God and have the power to hurt people when they want this world is a crazy place to live but don’t think your better than everyone and hurt everyone life is to short use it wisely and stand up for yourself I know it’s hard to but it’s worth it.

online vs offline

When i’m online I usually talk about God, Sports and i’m the same offline I talk about God like sometimes I go in my room and read my bible and listen to church camp songs and I talk and play a lot of  sports when i’m not on my phone’

About me

 My name is Dalton Summers i’m 14 I really love basketball and football and i’m a pretty good student I really don’t like to read that much it depends what book it is well if it’s sports I could read it all day long I kinda like mystery books too.