Raise your voice

I could see why people can’t raise there voice when there getting abused or bullying and what really hurts me the most is seeing someone get bullied and you don’t do anything about it like I remember when this kid was getting jumped and I was on my way to class and it was a 2 on 1 fight and this kid was getting beat up really bad and I was just standing there and the reason why I didn’t want to help is because  didn’t want to get kick off the basketball team. That day hit me really bad because I didn’t stand up and raised my voice and I felt really bad that day because know one should be treated like that I asked God what should’ve done I knew he told me that I really should of stand up and helped or even told a teacher put a lot of times in life were all going to make mistakes know one’s perfect we just got to learn from them.  I went up to that kid one day and I told him i’m sorry that I didn’t help or get someone and I felt really mad at myself that i didn’t help he told me that its okay but I knew in my head that it really wasn’t alright the didn’t deserve getting jumped they just wanted to act like they were better than everyone else that’s why they did it. That’s why people get abused because they think it’s okay to hurt people but it’s really not how would you feel if that it was you they think there God and have the power to hurt people when they want this world is a crazy place to live but don’t think your better than everyone and hurt everyone life is to short use it wisely and stand up for yourself I know it’s hard to but it’s worth it.

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  1. Dalton,
    That was great when you went to the student and apologized for not helping. What would you do now if the same thing happened? What is more important – standing up for a student or being on a sport team? Why would you have been kicked off the team for helping another student?

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